Weddings & Social Events

One can choose to do it yourself or have my agent in Tobago take care of the entire package at a special price. The reception area/ gazebo is 100m2 large. There are only 2 walls, allowing wide-open space with Roman Columns and balusters surrounding the rest of the building. There is a large circular honorary area suitable for the Table of Honor. This area is elevated a ½-staircase. There is also a ½-moon shaped area suitable for the Master of Ceremonies and /or Disc Jockey / orchestra. This area is also elevated a ½-staircase. Included in the structure are toilet/bathroom facilities for both men & women separately.

The area includes a bar/serving-counter equipped with a small refrigerator and hot plate i.e. a small electrical cooking unit. We provide 2 beautiful high-back honorary chairs and a wedding arch.

There are 2 entrances/exits leading to/from the main entrance and swimming pool which has a very large pool deck/patio. There is a mirror 6 ft x 40 ft (built in sections) enhancing the single wall. Note that this mirror is fragile; damage must be replaced within 14 days without any issue or argument whatsoever! The refundable damage deposit mentioned below is not enough to cover damages to the mirror.


  • The management and staff at Villa de Lena would be very helpful regarding all local contacts and assistance needed to bring about a grand success.
  • The current basic rental rate is US$699 for the use of the grounds and reception area during a 1 day/night reception. There will be no charge if the total amounts of participants are the same as the occupants of the villa during rental.
  • The standard rental rate of US$259/night for the villa applies during the entire period.
  • Previous use of the property show that approximately 100 guest can be seated. There is also an option to place a tent on the grounds to increase the capacity.
  • The basic furniture and items in the villa are not to be used for these events. There are several agents in Tobago who deal with the rental of chairs and tables.
  • There are several standard electrical outlets to accommodate power supply; demands/request beyond the standard wall-plug unit will not be honored.
  • A damage deposit of US$400 or the equivalent in TT$ applies. This will be refunded in full once there are no damages or losses.
  • The property must be left in the “Original” state on departure. (Leave it as you met it). The Housekeeper can be helpful but this does not lie within the standard rental rate and procedures. One can discuss a special price to cover cleaning etc.
  • Avoid accidents & injuries: The swimming pool area is not fenced; one uses this area including the pool exclusively on one’s own risk. The owner of Villa de Lena assumes no responsibility or liability what so ever for accidents, damages or injuries encountered whether it is in/by the pool or property in general.
  • It is strictly forbidden for children to visit the pool area unless accompanied by parents or guardian. It is the said parents/guardian’s responsibility to take adequate safety measures to eliminate all risk in connection with visits to the pool area. Guests show acceptance and agreement with the information left on this website by making payment to occupy the said villa/property.